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Ugh. Can't remember when I was last this disappointed with a book. Little fucking golden miracle, Mr. Gaiman? Really?

What makes this worse is that it _is_ well-written, and the premise is good (the ending seems to have been an afterthought), and there are enough characters that are easy to like, and the imagery is amazing, and the language just complicated enough - all the things I look for in a book, and yet. Like finding half a worm in a ripe strawberry.

The main hero has two kids. With an interval of 20 pages or so each disappears into Faerie, the unmentionable realm of no return. The disappearance of the first kid makes him angry, ashamed, and upset with his wife for being upset. The disappearance of the second fills him with an "impotent tenderness" and makes him go to the rescue.

Guess which kid is a boy.

Btw, the girl is also rescued - the hero doesn't intend to search for her, but sees her and her school friends accidentally, realizes that their sale is illegal, and the illegality appalls him, so he rescues them.



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